Board of Trustees

Disabled Students Allowances Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG) is governed by a Board of Trustees. These trustees are unremunerated, and have no vested interest in the quality assurance process.

The National Union of Students (NUS) has two seats on the board, to ensure that disabled students always have a voice. The other trustees are independent, and are involved because of their interest and expertise. The current board members are:

Chair: Rebecca Harrison

Trustees: David Malcolm (Deputy Chair) (NUS), Piers Wilkinson (NUS), Ronald Barham (Independent) and Megan Dunn (Independent).


Rebecca Harrison is the current Chair of the Board of DSA-QAG. Rebecca joined QAG in August 2011. Rebecca has over 20 years of experience in continuing professional development and student support services management gained in universities in the United States, the Middle East and the UK.

Register of Interest: Rebecca Harrison ROI

NUS Directors

David Malcolm joined the DSA-QAG Board of Trustees in September 2006, and was acting Chair between June 2007 and June 2008. David is the Head of Social Policy at the National Union of Students, where he has worked on student finance policy since 2003, and in 2007 took on management responsibility for other social policy areas including disabled students.

Register of Interest: David Malcolm ROI

Piers Wilkinson joined the DSA-QAG Board of Trustees in 2019. Piers is the Disabled Students' Officer at NUS UK, representing disabled students in HE, FE and apprenticeships across the UK.

Register of Interest: Piers Wilkinson ROI

Independent Directors

Ronald Barham joined the DSA-QAG Board of Trustees in May 2016.

Register of Interest: Ronald Barham ROI

Megan Dunn joined the DSA-QAG Board of Trustees in November 2017.

Register of Interest: Megan Dunn ROI

Associate Board Members

The Department for Education (DfE), Welsh Government, Student Loans Company (SLC) and National Health Service (NHS) also nominate one observer each to the Board. Associate members also include representatives from key stakeholders, National Network of Assessment Centres (NNAC), Independent Assessment Centres (IAC), ATS providers and Association of NMH providers, who each nominate observers to the Board.

The role of the associate member is to attend quarterly DSA-QAG board meetings and to represent their organisation, participate in board discussions and to assist DSA-QAG in its mission to continuously make improvements for disabled students attending Higher Education institutions during the needs assessment process and the receipt of equipment and services in line with the Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) and the Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs).